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Research and Development

Whoever wishes to supply high-performance refractory products successfully and in the long-term to the market must give Research and Development a broad platform. Therefore, Refratechnik Steel has two development departments, one for shaped products at Göttingen and the other one for monolithics at Bendorf.

The primary objective of these departments is to develop new products and constantly optimise existing products. In both development and production, as well as in the use of products, environmental protection is always at the forefront of our work.
The journey from the conception of an idea through to its successful implementation sees new products undergo many complex development stages. Starting with the first laboratory tests, pilot production and ultimately practical testing, ideas are put into practice and introduced as products to the market. The close cooperation with our customers greatly assists the development of high-quality refractory products.
Top-hat kiln to determine the softening under load, to determine the creep under compression and to determine the thermal expansion of refractory products in accordance with EN Standards 993-8, 993-9 and 993-19
R & D Bendorf (Monolithics)
The Monolithics Department of Refratechnik Steel GmbH was founded in January 2001.
In the meantime, a dedicated laboratory and management building have been built on the factory premises of Refratechnik Steel GmbH at Bendorf.
The core area of monolithic developments is to be found in the iron and steel industries, non-ferrous metallurgy (aluminium industry), power stations and in all industrial sectors utilising thermal processes.

In August 2011, an X-ray fluorescence system was commissioned in the Bendorf factory, which will be used to conduct detailed chemical analyses according to DIN EN ISO 12677.
The system will enable us to obtain complete and precisely reproducible statements about the chemical composition of our raw materials and finished products within the shortest time. By integrating this quality-ensuring equipment in our Quality Management Procedure, we can provide guarantees for the high quality of the monolithic refractory products manufactured in our Bendorf facility.

Both in the fields of research and development (raw material qualification, slag analyses, etc.) and also in the area of quality assurance (check of incoming raw material, monitoring the finished products, etc.) the X-ray fluorescence system will be used with success.
Hot modulus of rupture test on refractory materials at 1500 °C
R & D Göttingen (shaped products)
Shaped products made by Refratechnik Steel GmbH are the leading refractory products in markets world-wide.
Over recent years, the following new developments have been patented and successfully introduced to the market:
• MACARBON® bricks with a stainless steel fibre additive
• REFRAFLEX® bond for MgO-C bricks
• ceramically bonded MACARBON® bricks
• a complete range of AMC- and MAC bricks (ALUCARBON® MC)
• a complete range of Mg-Cr bricks with improved elasticity (MACHROMEX®)
• assembly aid for MgO-C linings: REFRABOND® C
• hot repair mix REFRATECT®
• low-emission MgO-C ramming mix REFRARAM® G
• special MACARBON® bricks with high electric conductivity
• MACARBON® grooved brick shapes for secure lining of converters, ladles and E-furnaces
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