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    PT. Semen Gresik Tuban staff visits Refratechnik Asia’s “Just-In-Time” Monolithic’s Production Facility in Surabaya / Indonesia

    Refratechnik Asia believes in the importance of communication to facilitate smooth implementation of new projects. In order to deepen our customers understanding of Refratechnik Asia’s business philosophy, we had arranged a site visit to our lately established monolithic’s production facility for PT. Semen Gresik Tuban staff which took place in early November 2018.
    The new “Just-In-Time” unshaped material production facility allows us to respond to our customers’ requests at any time. Finished monolithic products are produced in Indonesia once the customer has placed the order. Due to the close proximity of our production facility, especially on Java Island, customers can, thus, get those goods much faster than with regular delivery from abroad. This helps customers to save up a long delivery time; enhance the safety during material transfer, accuracy and efficiency in logistic and provides them with higher flexibility in maintenance planning.

    The technical staff from PT. Semen Gresik Tuban was impressed by our “Just-In-Time” monolithic material production facility. By now they are confident that Refratechnik Asia’s quick response unshaped material production capabilities can cope with the challenge of a changing operation environment in the Indonesian cement industry and can, insofar, fulfil the requirements from any cement plant catering this very specific market.

    Refratechnik Asia Training Seminar 2018

    Refratechnik Asia Training Seminar 2018, the Asia-focused training seminar has been successfully launched from 9 – 13 September, 2018 at Refratechnik Zibo factory.
    Over 30 people from 16 organizations and 7 countries gave their time and resources to attend and to contribute. It was our great pleasure and thanks all of you who participated in Refratechnik Asia Training Seminar this time.

    The goal of this seminar was to bring customers, partners and professionals together from around the world in an open dialogue. It provided a forum for discussion and exchange of many experience, suggestions and opinions with each other.

    Our diverse speakers provided in-depth insight in theoretical discussion on refractory application; while our dynamic trainers and supervisors transfer technical knowledge to all participants on refractory installation.

    Your presence helped to make this seminar a great success; your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together productive. We believe all participants learned something new about refractories and made some fruitful connections throughout the seminar.

    Refratechnik becomes long-term partner with Shanshui cement group

    With over 60 years’ experience in cement industry, Shanshui cement group understands that the modality and governance structure of cement market in China has changed a great deal and has been going through an important transition.
    In order to cater for the ever-changing market and following the trend towards high quality products, Shanshui cement group would like to select industry partnership to maintain their production in premium quality. In this case, Refratechnik has been chosen as the exclusive supplier of refractories for the Shanshui cement group.

    The “Strategic-Cooperation-Agreement” has been signed and long-term partnership has been established between Refratechnik and Shanshui cement group on July 24, 2018 in Jinan Shandong province.

    Refratechnik will not only supply first class shaped refractory products, but also provide technical and operational know-how in refractories for Shanshui cement group’s clinker production within the next three years. With our international team of experts, we are confident to fulfill all their needs satisfactorily. We look forward to establish a successful partnership in the coming future.

    Refratechnik Asia in AFCM 2018

    The 25th ASEAN Federation of Cement Manufacturers (AFCM) Technical Symposium & Exhibition was held at Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung on 4 - 6 April 2018 successfully.
    With the theme “The Green Technology for Cement Industry”, over 50 exhibitors from 18 countries and about 300 professional visitors ‎joined this event, shared and discussed different views on the future development of cement production applying emerging green alternatives and the benefits they offer.

    Refratechnik Asia has taken this opportunity to show how our product portfolio and technology can match with the latest trend of energy efficiency in cement industry. With an expanded portfolio from engineering consultation; refractory product recommendation, installation and service to maintenance planning, Refratechnik Asia is one of global supplier which can provide a complete service of refractory to the cement industry in Asia.

    “Just-In-Time” Monolithics Facility Launched in Indonesia

    Due to increasing demand for cement in coming future, Refratechnik Asia has prepared a new approach for catching up the needs of monolithics in Indonesia.
    The newly established “Just-In-Time” monolithics facility in Surabaya, allows us to respond customers’ requests in rapidly evolving markets.

    Finished monolithics products are produced in Indonesia once customers place the orders, customers can thus get the items much faster than normal shipment delivery. It helps customers to save up a long delivery time; enhance the safety, accuracy and efficiency in logistic and give them higher flexibility in maintenance planning.
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