Backing bricks systems & products


Support bricks
They are used to attach the suspended roof to the kiln's outer steel structure, and must therefore withstand considerable static and thermal loads.

Intermediate bricks
Interlocking elements between the support brick rows. The overlap of the individual elements by means of a 'Z' joint provides a reliable upper seal for the kiln chamber.
Measuring hole tube
The measuring hole tube is used to guide thermocouples and other devices into the kiln chamber, e.g. for temperature measurement.

Measuring hole brick
This brick holds the measuring tube.

Burner pipe
The burner pipe serves to hold the burner lance for heating the kiln chamber.
Burner port brick
This brick serves to hold the burner pipe.

Insulating structure
Depending on kiln area, the insulating structure is adapted to the associated operating conditions. Hereby, the material as well as number and thickness of the layers in the insulating structure vary.

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