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For more than 30 years, the MgO producer Baymag Inc. headquartered in Calgary, Alberta/Canada is part of the Refratechnik Group. Baymag mines its ore from one of the purest crystalline magnesite deposits ever discovered, with typical MgO contents of more than 97 %.

Baymag's deposit contains magnesite reserves in excess of 50 million tonnes. Such a reliable source of raw materials is what our worldwide customers expect now and in future.


  • 1982:
    Baymag starts production of high-purity calcined magnesia.

    Production of fused magnesia begins.

    Winner of the Canada Export Award.
  • 1989:
    Inauguration of Plant II, the technically most advanced facility for magnesite production at that time. Winner of the Alberta Export Achievement Award.

    Quality Management Certification acc. to ISO 9002.

    Extension of the Baymag II plant with a multiple hearth furnace – additional capacity of 50.000 tons/year of calcined magnesia.
  • 2001:
    Quality Management Certification acc. to ISO 9001.

    First distribution center in the USA is opened for agricultural-grade calcined magnesia.

    Increase of high-grade MgO production capacity to 100.000 tons/year by commissioning a second multiple hearth furnace in the Baymag II plant.
  • 2010:
    Distribution network in the USA is expanded to three locations.

    Installation of a 2nd ball mill, which doubles the production capacity.
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