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Concepts for blast furnaces.

Longer running times and shorter down-times for new linings or repairs mean that specific solutions are required increasingly often for the refractory lining of blast furnace stacks and runner systems. Consequently, a balanced ratio of SiC to carbon is just as important in a successful material as selecting the right type of bond or the type of lining.
Therefore, Refratechnik Steel provides concepts that are matched to the requirements of every runner section and take the latest developments into account. Whether rapidly heatable Hydrobond castable, cement-free Nanobond compound for hot repairs or high-quality synthetic raw materials developed in-house, Refratechnik continuously investigates new paths – technically, economically, and very successfully.
Blast furnace stack
The refractory material is subjected to attack from CO atmosphere, alkalines, and mechanical wear.
New linings and manual repairs: dense shotcrete products (REFRAJETCRETE® LC), self-flowing backfilling compounds (REFRASELFCAST®) Hot repairs with a gunning robot: gunning (REFRAJET®), cement-free shotcreting (REFRAJETCRETE® Nanobond) Start-up protection (manual or with gunning robot): gunning (REFRAJET®).

Main runner
Together with our repair gunning concretes (REFRAJET®) and ramming mixes (REFRARAM®), the high-security permanent lining (REFRACAST®, prefabricated components) and quick-drying, slag-resistant wear lining (REFRACAST Hydrobond®) provide a perfectly matched overall solution.

Slag runner
Prefabricated components or cast in-situ: Our high-SiC castable concretes (REFRACAST®) exhibit an exceptional service life. Apart from the installation methods mentioned, special C/SiC-doped ramming mixes (REFRARAM®) are also used. These materials are available either as ready-mixed moist granulate or as a dry mix for individual processing on site.
Pig iron runner
Our refractory concepts – which are specifically designed for different runner systems – and our quick-drying castables (REFRACAST Hydrobond®) together with our ramming mixes (REFRARAM®) enable us to achieve above-average service lives.

Tilting runner
Apart from mechanical abrasion, thermal shock is the main wear factor of the refractory material. Our quick-drying castables (REFRACAST Hydrobond®) have been adapted to deal with these conditions.
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