CERAMAC®: The intelligent solution for utmost service life without emissions

    The use of CERAMAC® has the following advantages:

    Easier compliance with environmental legislation, and increased service life – these were the aims of CERAMAC® development. In our lining concepts, the pre-fired material reduces smoke generation and the release of particles, while simultaneously improving the mechanical properties. In this way, CERAMAC® contributes significantly towards cost reduction.

    CERAMAC® – low emissions and long service

    During the past years and decades, magnesia-carbon bricks have become the standard refractory product for many areas in steelmaking. However, when compared with other ceramic refractory products, MgO-C plays a special role. When delivered. and during installation, all carbon-bonded products are in an “unfinished” state. Only after coming into contact with molten steel in the steelworks do the MgO-C bricks obtain their final properties.
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