Secure raw material resources for today and tomorrow.

    Baymag Inc.
    1200, 10655 Southport Rd SW
    Calgary, AB T2W 4Y1

    Phone: +1 403 271 9400
    Fax: +1 403 271 0010
    As part of our strategy of securing raw material resources, the Refratechnik Group purchased Baymag Inc. in Calgary, Alberta/Canada in 1978, thereby acquiring one of the world's purest natural sources of coarse crystalline magnesite.

    Since 1982, Baymag has been producing high-purity, caustic calcined magnesia in the Exshaw, Alberta plant. This location, which has been expanded and modernized continuously since its commissioning, has an annual capacity of more than 100.000 tons of high-grade MgO, and is one of the leading companies in this sector.
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