Prefabricated components.


REFRA-Block line® – Prefabricated components

When installing refractory materials, the use of modular prefabricated components results in a significant reduction of downtimes and also cuts the specific operating costs while maintaining our established high quality standards.

Advantages of REFRA-Block line® prefabricated components:
  • It is possible to manufacture the most critical parts of a refractory lining separately from the burner unit, and while the kiln is still in operation.‎

  • These critical areas, which must normally be lined with standard mixes or specially shaped bricks, can now be lined with higher-grade refractory material.

  • Physical-chemical properties are improved, because the processing instructions for the mixes are followed with utmost care.

  • High specific costs for the molds to produce specially shaped bricks can be avoided.

  • Thanks to the separate production of certain components, installation time is optimized.

  • Disadvantages caused by higher weights during handling or by longer preparation times are more than compensated by the optimized installation time as well as a considerably longer service life.

Installation areas:
  • calciner, inlet chamber, nose ring, kiln hood, cooler inlet throat, bullnose, cooler benches

Material properties:
  • uniform and homogeneous product properties, pretempered

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