Industrial sectors & concepts


    For more than 50 years, we have been optimizing thermal processes in the ceramics industry. The takeover of Burton GmbH & Co. KG by the Refratechnik Group in 2013 has made Refratechnik Ceramics the world's No. 1 for refractory systems in the industrial furnaces of this quality-conscious business. We supply our systems mainly in dry-pressed versions, and therefore offer decisive benefits for your production: Top quality and tightest tolerances for the end products. Due to their complex geometries, kiln furniture for the roofing tile industry is still being produced by casting.

    Our customers' requirement profiles determine the Development of our innovative refractory products and systems. Our engineers then create customized solutions that take the operating conditions of the specific furnaces into account. Our wall, roof, and kiln car systems – including kiln furniture – are firmly established worldwide, mainly in the heavy clay industries.
    Roof tiles
    Backing bricks
    Construction ceramics
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