Iron & steel applications

    Concepts for coking ovens and sintering plants.

    Coking oven
    Coking oven doors are lined with specially developed and prefabricated components with a very good thermal shock resistance that are made of REFRACAST® concretes. Special repair compounds (REFRACAST®, REFRAJET® and REFRASPECIAL®) are available for repairs around the frame joints, oven walls, the roof above the door as well as the areas around the riser and feeder ducts.

    For the oven bottom and also for hot repairs we use chemically curing, self-flowing special concretes. These maintenance & repair compounds are mixed with a special liquid to obtain the precisely required consistency, and are particularly suited for partial and pin-point repairs of defects in the oven bottom, but also for large-area maintenance of prematurely worn surfaces.
    Sintering plant
    For new linings and the repair of sintering kilns and hoods we use suitable REFRACAST® vibration concretes or REFRAJET® dry gunning mixes. Suitably shaped products are available for the Cowper.
    For new linings and the repair of gas collecting mains, burner gas nozzles, burner ducts, and Cowper bottoms we offer individually designed monolithic concepts, which are perfectly matched to the respective requirements (CO resistance, acid resistance, etc.).
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