Iron & steel applications

Concepts for electric arc furnaces.

Many well-known steel producers and foundries use Refratechnik Steel products when lining their modern electric arc furnaces.

In many years of practical application, the high-grade and super-grade MACARBON® types (mostly 100% high-purity fused magnesia products) have proved their worth and have helped to extend furnace service life and reduce maintenance. The result is a considerable reduction in costs. Top-quality tapping systems and high-performance refractory adhesives complete the product range.
Phase (hot spot)
REFRAFLEX®-bonded ® bricks with higher carbon content, and the addition of fused magnesia/antioxidants.

Intermediate phase (cold spot)
REFRAFLEX®-bonded MACARBON® sintered magnesia bricks, possibly with the addition of fused magnesia.

Bath and bottom zone
REFRAFLEX®-bonded MACARBON® bricks in sintered or low-carbon magnesia quality.

Slag zone
REFRAFLEX®-bonded MACARBON® fused magnesia bricks.
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