All-inclusive refractory systems solutions from a single source.

    A detailed engineering project has the task of providing a clear representation of all the technical features and particulars of a refractory construction, and is the prerequisite for an optimum lining consisting of refractory and thermally insulating materials in high-temperature installations.

    Engineering made by Refratechnik is characterized by the use of modern CAD and IT technologies.

    In combination with an integrated 3D-CAD environment, database models that have been developed specifically for refractory engineering permit the preparation of precise construction plans, parts lists, worksheets, and heat calculations.
    Proprietary calculation methods for refractory constructions, as well as specifically developed simulation routines are the basis for the modern refractory engineering provided by the Refratechnik Group.

    In all our locations, the continuous further development of these established engineering systems has top priority.

    Engineering locations of the Refratechnik Group:

    Refratechnik Cement GmbH
    Refratechnik Steel GmbH
    Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH
    Modern computer simulation using the finite elements method (FEM)

    FEM is one of the most modern IT technologies in the refractory business, and is used by our engineering departments for a wide range of simulations.
    The method permits physical processes to be simulated on a computer (e.g. forces acting on deformable bodies), whose course is difficult or even impossible to determine by other means.
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