Environment & certification

    Our responsibility for a better world.

    The quality of Refratechnik products meets the highest standards regarding technology, economy, and ecology. We place high demands on our own performance in all three categories, combined with a high sense of responsibility.
    Quality management
    Quality and reliability have top priority for us. Only by means of high product quality as well as stable procedures in production and installation are we able to ensure that our customers obtain reliable production processes. Reliable production and reliable delivery of our refractory products are our guarantee for high customer satisfaction.

    Refratechnik was one of the first companies in the refractory business to strive for and obtain certification to ISO 9001. The first certificate was ISO 9001:1994, and certification is renewed regularly.
    Hereby, the analysis and optimization of internal production and procedural operations of the relevant departments is supported by centrally based as well as local experts for management systems with the aim of continuous improvement. Internal and external audits are used to analyse the established processes in terms of customer demands, and the resulting findings are implemented by means of internal optimization measures.
    Environmental management
    Ever since the company was founded, environmentally compatible operations have been part of our business strategy. From an early stage, recyclable materials were used in the production of refractory materials.
    The promotion of low-chrome and chrome-free products for the cement industry, and the development of phenol resin bonded magnesia-carbon MACARBON® bricks for the steelmaking industry are just two examples of how we always make sure that our developments also serve the protection of the environment and humans.

    We were one of the first companies in the refractory business to strive for and obtain certification to ISO 14001. This began with ISO 14001:1996, and has been continued to this day.
    Energy management
    Energy efficiency plays an important role along the entire value-added chain. One example of this is our Company Carbon Footprint Program that was started in 2012.
    Already during the development stage, the energy friendliness of new products and technologies is examined closely.

    With our certified energy management system according to ISO 50001:2011 in every European location of the Refratechnik Group, we continuously ensure the systematic, resource-conserving, energy-saving, safe, and economical supply and use of energy. For this, we use modern software solutions to monitor, analyse, and assess energy consumption.
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