Individual companies of the Refratechnik Group

    Industrial specialists with a strong foundation.

    Refratechnik Holding GmbH Cement Lime Pulp & paper Refratechnik Cement GmbH Refratechnik Ibérica S.A. Refratechnik Italia S.r.L Refratechnik North America Inc. Refratechnik México S.A. de C.V. Refratechnik Asia Limited Refratechnik Trading Yingkou Refratechnik Zibo Refratechnik Haicheng City Guozheng Mining Co., Ltd. Iron & steel Non-ferrous metals  Foundry industry Refratechnik Steel GmbH Refratechnik Casting GmbH Refratechnik (India) Private Limited Ceramics Refratechnik Ceramics  Refratechnik Hungária Kft.  Baymag Inc. QMAG Ltd.
    The Refratechnik Group is based on a clear organizational structure. Every major industrial sector requiring refractory products is served all-inclusively by a highly specialized and independent Refratechnik company. In this way we ensure that our customers are provided with optimized concepts, products, and services, which are precisely matched to their specific and present needs.

    Your partners for the following sectors:
    Cement, lime, pulp & paper
    Refratechnik Cement GmbH

    Cement and lime Asia
    Refratechnik Asia Ltd.

    Iron, steel, foundry industry, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, environment, and energy
    Refratechnik Steel GmbH

    Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH

    Industrial minerals
    Baymag Inc.
    QMAG Ltd.