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    Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, our traditional physical training format had to be changed. By using an online meeting platform, e.g. Zoom, online training can be arranged easily and conveniently for organizers and participants, as nobody needs to travel, and the entire training takes place via a live link. Consequently, the first-ever REFRA-WebLearning in the history of refractory was carried out successfully on 17 - 18 September, 2020.

    This REFRA-WebLearning was joined by about 40 customers from Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and 20 agents with a total of 50 screens. All participants were taken through theoretical discussion on refractories, application, firing process, installation, etc. However, participants also expressed high interest in learning about new topics, e.g. digitalization, process data, smart glasses.

    In order to enhance participant’s learning motivation and enjoyment, we installed multiple cameras, especially for a live demonstration of laboratory tour, plant tour, and refractory installation in our Zibo factory. This multiple camera setup allowed participants to see demonstrations from different angles, experiencing a more detailed view than they could possibly have in person, which can help them to see easily what went right and what went wrong.

    We also used this great opportunity to build engagement among customers. We prepared brick samples which enabled participants to see how the products work and increase their product awareness. Lastly, we arranged a local entertainment event as the closing item, which marked a perfect ending for this training. The presence of all participants helped to make this REFRA-WebLearning a great success, and their enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun.