Industrial sectors & concepts

    Iron & steel.

    For all production fields in the iron & steel industry, in which refractory technology is required, we offer concepts and solutions that are always matched precisely to individual customer situations. Hereby, we are backed by our comprehensive range of refractory products.

    We offer individual concepts and solutions e.g. for:
    Coking plants/sintering plants
    • Direct reduction
    Blast furnace
    Pig iron transport
    Converter ‎
    Electric arc furnace
    Steel casting ladles
    • Rolling mill/heat treatment

    Our marketing strategy follows a simple but effective principle: every refractory product must be matched precisely to the customer's needs. With every order, the aims and expectations of our customer always have top priority. For this objective, we invest a great deal of energy and know-how into the development of optimized technical concepts.

    For example, we offer individual concepts and solutions for:
    Blast furnace
    Pig-iron vessels
    Electric arc furnaces
    Steel casting ladles
    Coking & sintering plants
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