Prefabricated components.


    REFRABLOCKLINE® – Prefabricated components

    Apart from other operational improvements in a lime production plant, shorter downtimes are an important step towards reducing the specific operating costs, thereby increasing overall production efficiency. When installing refractory materials, the use of modular prefabricated components results in a significant reduction of downtimes and also cuts the specific operating costs while maintaining our established high quality standards.

    Advantages of prefabricated components REFRABLOCKLINE®:
    • It is possible to manufacture the most critical parts of a refractory lining separately from the burner unit while the kiln is still in operation.‎

    • These critical areas, which must normally be lined with standard refractory concretes or specially shaped bricks, can now be lined with higher-grade refractory material.

    • Physico-chemical properties are improved, because the processing instructions for the refractory concretes are followed with utmost care.

    • High specific costs for the molds to produce specially shaped bricks can be avoided.

    • Thanks to the separate production of certain components, installation time is optimized.

    • Disadvantages caused by higher weights during handling or by longer preparation times are more than compensated by the optimized installation time as well as a considerably longer service life.

    Installation areas:
    • Shaft kiln, shaft preheater, tumblers

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