Iron & steel applications

    Concepts for pig iron vessel.

    Nowadays, metallurgical processing steps are partially carried out in pig iron vessel devices such as torpedo ladles and charging ladles, although the actual task of these devices is the transport from blast furnace to steel plant and for filling converters. For all standard lining concepts, Refratechnik Steel supplies bauxite, calcined or carbon-bonded andalusite and – at a presently increased level – high-grade carbon-bonded bauxite with SiC additive. And of course, refractory castables for pouring areas and repair are also included in the product range.
    Practice has shown that individual brick shapes are preferred in particular for lining torpedo ladles. Therefore, Refratechnik Steel has created a wide range of molds, enabling us to respond flexibly to customer requirements at any time.
    Bath area, arch area
    Calcined andalusite/bauxite bricks (REFRALUSIT®, KRONEX®).

    Impact area and slag zones
    REFRAFLEX®-bonded high-alumina carbon bricks (ALUCARBON®) and polymer-bonded alumina bricks (KRONEX®).
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