The Refratechnik Group's knowledge management program.

The REFRA-Academy® is a knowledge management program on the subject of refractory technology that is unique in the world.
We have prepared a selection of matched seminars, presentations, and training courses that are intended to exchange in-depth and practice-oriented knowledge with our customers.
The individual courses in theory and practical application have been adapted to the different industrial sectors.
The REFRA-Academy® consists of the following programs:

  • REFRA-Training International

  • REFRA-Training National

  • REFRA-Training on site

  • REFRA-Seminar International

  • REFRA-Seminar National

  • REFRA-Kolloquium

  • REFRA-Training Center Asia‎

Additional information on our knowledge management program is provided under:
REFRA-Training on site –
a program module for our customers in the cement and lime industry.
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