REFRAFLEX®: The bond of the future

    The before/after effects: Classical resin bonding versus REFRAFLEX® bonding

    REFRAFLEX® bonding is used in all our MACARBON® bricks. REFRAFLEX® is the first resin-based bond that is better than pitch bonding, as it does not use pitch. It is also better than conventional phenol resin bonding, because the carbon produced during coking does not become rigid and brittle, but crystalline like graphite, so that the refractory material gives way instead of compensating excess strain with microfissures. Consequently, REFRAFLEX® offers all the advantages of pitch bonding but eliminates its major disadvantage: because the characteristic polycyclic aromatics of pitch have become intolerable in the steel industry.
    Coking of binder samples at 1500 °C: pure resin (left), and REFRAFLEX® (right)
    Publications: Iron & steel
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