Sales & agency meeting in Bangkok

    Refratechnik Asia first sales & agency meeting was held in Bangkok on 30 Nov – 2 Dec, 2022 since covid epidemic situation in 2019. Thank you to all those guest and agents who attended our meeting and made it a success, it was a pleasure to have face to face meeting again after 3 years online communication. It means a lot to everyone to have this opportunity to share and exchange with each other.

    Refratechnik has taken this opportunity to share strategies, new focus and innovation of refractory products for the coming future; while agents shared their latest business updates, competition and feedback from specific markets simultaneously.
    We would like to express our gratitude to our special guest, Mr. Peter Groger from Refratechnik Cement, for his great ideas on how to enhance cooperation between each other, we will definitely look into it further. We believe all participants got some fruitful insights and connections throughout the meeting; we look forward to meeting you again in 2023.

    Refratechnik Asia

    What’s new.

    Alternative Fuels Seminar in Vietnam

    Refratechnik Asia has been taken part in the first Alterntaive Fuels Seminar for Vietnam, it was successfully held on 10 November.

    In order to fulfill our environmental responsibility, our Vietnamese agent Antech Truong An and engineers as well as technical experts from Beumer Group, thyssenkrupp Polysius and Refratechnik organized the first Technical Seminar on Alternative Fuels. The aim of the event was to give the numerous cement plant operators – 64 from 20 different customer - an introduction to the emission regulations as well as infrastructure and process optimizations that are necessary when using alternative fuels.
    Introduced by the Managing Director of Refratechnik Asia, Mr. Christof Kilb, the event was led by Mr. Nguyen Truong Sinh, Owner and Director of Antech. Refratechnik was represented by a German / Asian team consisting of Mr. Stefan Thomas, Refratechnik Cement, and Dennis Zoerner, Refratechnik Asia together. The topic “Process & Operation requirement for Alternative Fuels” was presented to the attentive audience. Followed by a lively podiums discussion, many cement producers were interested in how to utilize alternative fuels in their plant and took the opportunity to ask the presenter their questions and concerns.

    Refratechnik Asia, would like to thank Mr. Stefan Thomas to be our guest speaker, not only brought us amount of Know-How and Experience during the seminar and customer visits later. It was a great success and an important step in the right direction for Vietnam to start their green journey in cement plant. Refratechnik has proven that their experience, knowledge and worldwide network will be able to help and support Vietnam to take the further step of alternative fuels in the coming future.

    2022 National ironmaking production technology conference & ironmaking academic annual meeting

    From July 20 to 23, 2022, the "2022 National ironmaking production technology conference & ironmaking academic annual meeting" sponsored by China metal society and co-organized by Baowu Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. was held successfully in Guangdong Zhanjiang city.

    The theme of this conference was "Green, Low-CO2, Intelligent & Efficient". This conference attracted over 400 representatives with more than 150 units from steel enterprises; scientific research institutes; universities; engineering technology companies and ironmaking upstream & downstream enterprises to participate. With total 136 technical papers were received, the main research directions were progress and trends of ironmaking technology, production and application in China recently.
    Dr. Long Bin from RTT gave a presentation with the subject of ‘Super-sol castable boosts the longevity of blast furnace’. This presentation emphasized Refratechnik’s technical solutions for refractory in blast furnace, including shotcreting and casting in BF fast repairs. The hybrid castable was intensively discussed during the presentation which attracted the interest of many ironmaking plants. The unique properties of hybrid castable, including the fast pre-heating, early strength and anti-explosion were greatly impressed to the audience. Some successfully cases and references were discussed which has proven its benefits over the conventional sol-gel castable. Competitors like Magneco, Huaxi and Common has made their presentation on the latest development in BF repairs as well.

    Besides, we have setup a small booth near the entrance of conference, giving us the chance to advertise and create brand awareness for Refratechnik in the steel industry.


    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our traditional physical training format needed to be changed. By using online meeting platform, i.e. Zoom, online training can be organized easy and convenient to both organizers and participants, as no one need to travel for that, the whole training just takes place via a live link. Under this circumstance, the first-ever REFRA-WebLearning in the history of refractory was made on 17 – 18 September, 2020 successfully.
    This REFRA-WebLearning attracted about 40 customers from Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and 20 agents with total 50 screens to join. All participants were taken through theoretical discussion on refractories, application, burning process, installation and so on. However, participants expressed high interest in learning about new topics, e.g. digitalization, process data, smart glasses, drone. In order to enhance participant’s learning motivation and enjoyment, we have setup multiple cameras, especially for live demonstration of laboratory tour, plant tour and refractory installation in our Zibo factory. Multiple cameras setup allowed participants to capture demonstrations from different angles, experienced a more detailed view than they could possibly have in person which can help them to see what went right and what went wrong easily.

    We have also taken this great opportunity to build engagement among customers, we have sent out gift sets, banners and certificate to local venue in advance to create a consistent brand identity across all touchpoints during the training. Also, we have prepared brick samples which enables participants to see how the products work and increase their product awareness. Lastly, we have arranged local entertainment event as the closing which marked a perfect ending for this training.

    The presence of all participants helped to make this REFRA-WebLearning a great success and their enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun.

    Technical Webinar for Shanshui Group

    In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of production and equipment, Shanshui Group has organized a Group Level Technical Seminar, it has been successfully held on 13 July 2020. Refratechnik was invited to be guest speakers for this training seminar.
    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, over 300 technical personnel from 6 administration-center and 34 clinker-plants participated this training seminar by video-conference system.

    Besides theoretical discussion on refractory product and technical application, Refratechnik also shared our latest project in digitalization, all participants showed great interest and involvement in this topic, asking how to further work on it for Shanshui Group.

    The feedback was quite positive, we will further continue to support our customer in the coming webinar.

    The 1st virtual agency meeting

    With rising concerns around the spread of COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) globally, in order to mitigate health risks, companies are asking their employees to work from home and stop customer visit recently.
    That’s why keeping connected with customers while socially distant is going to be critical to our business under this circumstance. Luckily, modern technology enables us to hold face-to-face meetings without needing to be in the same place, give us an alternative way to communicate with our customers. Refratechnik Asia understood the importance and organized our first virtual agency meeting with all our agents in Asia Pacific to maintain and strengthen our working relationship and prospects.

    This virtual agency meeting has been successfully launched on 10 – 11 June, 2020. Over 40 participants from 12 different places (e.g. Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia …) attended and contributed in this agency meeting. It was fascinating to see so much information shared and exchanged during the meeting. The presence of all participants helped to make this virtual meeting a great success and their enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun.

    Refractory Training for Shanshui Heavy Industry

    On 7th Jan. the first training activity of the new year was opened for a team with 18 persons from Shanshui Heavy Industry (SHI), a sup-company of Shanshui group be developing to a service & maintenance base for all plants of Shanshui Group. Refractory has been declared by top management of the group as a main business of SHI in its further development.
    As a strategical partner of Shanshui Group for refractory, RTT works with ZRR close together to support SHI by taking off. The training and Supporting program for SHI team was planned in two steps:
    In the first step, the team will be trained with the basic knowledge of refractory products and installation works, and lining practices. It was co-organized by RTT and ZRR and executed successfully in the times of 7th to 10th in our Zibo plant.

    The second step of training will be continued with the construction-site training, and real-works in an installation project of SHI in one cement plant of Shanshui group.

    The Fifth Seminar of Pyro System Optimization& Improvement in China

    The Fifth Seminar of Pyro System Optimization& Improvement in China cement Industry held by “New Century Cement Guide” (Editorial department of SINOMA Chengdu Institute) in Nanning city from 6th to 8th November.
    The subject of the seminar is Pyro System Optimization & Improvement. The aim is “more energy-saving; more environmental; more efficient” The goal is to solve the issues of energy consumption, the quality and quantity of clinker and emission.

    Over 200 people from cement plants, cement design institutes, products and service suppliers attended the seminar to share their practical experience, advanced technology and products.

    Due to the location convenience, many cement plants in Guangdong & Guangxi area sent their technical engineers participating the seminar, especially several plants China Resources Cement Group.

    REFRA-Training 2019

    REFRA-Training is a prestigious refractories training program held at “REFRA-Academy Training Center Asia“ in Zibo, China every year. This year, the training program has been successfully launched from 1 – 7 September, 2019.
    Over 30 people from 18 organizations and 7 countries gave their time and resources to attend and to contribute. It was our great pleasure and thanks all of you who participated in our REFRA-Training this time.
    With the new value proposition of REFRA-Academy, “Smarter – Together”, the goal of this REFRA-Training was to bring customers, partners and professionals together from around the world in an open dialogue. It provided a platform for discussion and exchange of many experience, suggestions and opinions with each other.

    Besides theoretical discussion on refractory application and practical experience on refractory installation, this year, we focused on real-life case studies with wear phenomena analysis, encouraged participants to have active discussion and comp up with solutions to a plausible problems.

    Your presence helped to make this training a great success. We believe all participants learned something new about refractories and made some fruitful connections throughout our REFRA-Training.

    New visual identity of REFRA-Academy Training Center Asia

    With the new value proposition “Smarter - Together”, it’s a great opportunity to strengthen REFRA-Academy’s presence and message in the eyes of our customers.
    The new visual identity and claim are perfectly encapsulated REFRA-Academy’s value proposition, but we still need branding consistency to deliver the same value and message all over the world.

    In order to match the evolution of REFRA-Academy, the REFRA-Academy Training Center Asia has taken this chance to update all touchpoints with new REFRA-Academy visual identity.

    Let’s have a quick snapshots to see new image of R EFRA-Academy Training Center Asia in Zibo.

    PT. Semen Gresik Tuban staff visits Refratechnik Asia’s “Just-In-Time” Monolithic’s Production Facility in Surabaya / Indonesia

    Refratechnik Asia believes in the importance of communication to facilitate smooth implementation o f new projects. In order to deepen our customers understanding of Refratechnik Asia’s business philosophy, we had arranged a site visit to our lately established monolithic’s production facility for PT. Semen Gresik Tuban staff which took place in early November 2018.
    The new “Just-In-Time” unshaped material production facility allows us to respond to our customers’ requests at any time. Finished monolithic products are produced in Indonesia once the customer has placed the order. Due to the close proximity of our production facility, especially on Java Island, customers can, thus, get those goods much faster than with regular delivery from abroad. This helps customers to save up a long delivery time; enhance the safety during material transfer, accuracy and efficiency in logistic and provides them with higher flexibility in maintenance planning.

    The technical staff from PT. Semen Gresik Tuban was impressed by our “Just-In-Time” monolithic material production facility. By now they are confident that Refratechnik Asia’s quick response unshaped material production capabilities can cope with the challenge of a changing operation environment in the Indonesian cement industry and can, insofar, fulfil the requirements from any cement plant catering this very specific market.

    Refratechnik Asia Training Seminar 2018

    Refratechnik Asia Training Seminar 2018, the Asia-focused training seminar has been successfully launched from 9 – 13 September, 2018 at Refratechnik Zibo factory.
    Over 30 people from 16 organizations and 7 countries gave their time and resources to attend and to contribute. It was our great pleasure and thanks all of you who participated in Refratechnik Asia Training Seminar this time.

    The goal of this seminar was to bring customers, partners and professionals together from around the world in an open dialogue. It provided a forum for discussion and exchange of many experience, suggestions and opinions with each other.

    Our diverse speakers provided in-depth insight in theoretical discussion on refractory application; while our dynamic trainers and supervisors transfer technical knowledge to all participants on refractory installation.

    Your presence helped to make this seminar a great success; your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together productive. We believe all participants learned something new about refractories and made some fruitful connections throughout the seminar.

    Refratechnik becomes long-term partner with Shanshui cement group

    With over 60 years’ experience in cement industry, Shanshui cement group understands that the modality and governance structure of cement market in China has changed a great deal and has been going through an important transition.
    In order to cater for the ever-changing market and following the trend towards high quality products, Shanshui cement group would like to select industry partnership to maintain their production in premium quality. In this case, Refratechnik has been chosen as the exclusive supplier of refractories for the Shanshui cement group.

    The “Strategic-Cooperation-Agreement” has been signed and long-term partnership has been established between Refratechnik and Shanshui cement group on July 24, 2018 in Jinan Shandong province.

    Refratechnik will not only supply first class shaped refractory products, but also provide technical and operational know-how in refractories for Shanshui cement group’s clinker production within the next three years. With our international team of experts, we are confident to fulfill all their needs satisfactorily. We look forward to establish a successful partnership in the coming future.

    Refratechnik Asia in AFCM 2018

    The 25th ASEAN Federation of Cement Manufacturers (AFCM) Technical Symposium & Exhibition was held at Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung on 4 - 6 April 2018 successfully.
    With the theme “The Green Technology for Cement Industry”, over 50 exhibitors from 18 countries and about 300 professional visitors ‎ joined this event, shared and discussed different views on the future development of cement production applying emerging green alternatives and the benefits they offer.

    Refratechnik Asia has taken this opportunity to show how our product portfolio and technology can match with the latest trend of energy efficiency in cement industry. With an expanded portfolio from engineering consultation; refractory product recommendation, installation and service to maintenance planning, Refratechnik Asia is one of global supplier which can provide a complete service of refractory to the cement industry in Asia.

    “Just-In-Time” Monolithics Facility Launched in Indonesia

    Due to increasing demand for cement in coming future, Refratechnik Asia has prepared a new approach for catching up the needs of monolithics in Indonesia.
    The newly established “Just-In-Time” monolithics facility in Surabaya, allows us to respond customers’ requests in rapidly evolving markets.

    Finished monolithics products are produced in Indonesia once customers place the orders, customers can thus get the items much faster than normal shipment delivery. It helps customers to save up a long delivery time; enhance the safety, accuracy and efficiency in logistic and give them higher flexibility in maintenance planning.
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