Sustainability as a strategy.

As a family-owned company, we traditionally follow a value-oriented corporate culture and are fully aware of the responsibilities involved in all aspects of sustainable business economy.
Because we view sustainability as a fundamental component of successful business operations, it is a decisive factor in the implementation of all current and future Refratechnik strategies.

For this reason, we have established the following group-wide principles:
We are an honest market participant.
Sustainability can only be achieved through honest governance. As a company acting in the market and in society, our basic understanding of sustainability is inseparably connected with ethically and morally correct behaviour.

We are a reliable partner.
All of our customers are seen as long-term partners, whereby we provide reliable support and all our expertise to these partners. As a result, we have been and still are a stable and reliable partner in continually changing global economic world.
We are a fair employer.
Every employee at Refratechnik is important for our company's joint success. Accordingly, we promote every employee, provide protection in his/her working environment, and attach importance to maintaining our high social standards worldwide – also far beyond national legal requirements. With our flat hierarchy, our team spirit, and our open communication, we are able to make decisions quickly, act flexibly, and promote ideas and cooperation.
We are a sustainable producer.
Sustainability is an integral part of our value-added chain, and for us, active environmental protection is more than just an ISO 14001 certificate. Every investment we make is always evaluated also according to ecological criteria. Consequently, all of our locations worldwide meet our own high standards, thereby protecting the environment – also far beyond national legal requirements. For our uninterrupted value-added chain, and wherever technically possible, we make use of every option to save resources.
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