Part of our strategy of securing raw material resources.

    QMAG Ltd.
    246 Boundary Rd.
    Parkhurst QLD 4702

    As part of our strategy of securing industrial mineral sources, the Refratechnik Group has entered a purchase agreement with the SIBELCO Group to take over the shares of QMAG Ltd. Consequently, we now own one of the world’s most significant sources of microcrystalline magnesite will become part of Refratechnik.

    To produce the range of QMAG (Queensland Magnesia) magnesia products, raw magnesite is fed into furnaces, where it is heated by natural gas to 1000 °C to produce magnesia (MgO) or caustic calcined magnesium oxide (CCM) products.
    Upgraded calcined magnesia is finely ground and compressed into briquettes for dead burning. The grinding and briquetting steps produce the highest quality magnesia with respect to homogeneity and density. The briquettes are heated to around 2000 °C to form sintered or dead burned magnesia (DBM). Electrofused magnesia (EFM) is produced by melting calcined magnesia at >3000 °C in electric arc furnaces. Ingots formed in this process are cooled, stripped and broken up. The product passes through a series of crushing, sorting and screening processes.