Roof tiles systems & products

Kiln furniture.

For firing roofing tiles, Refratechnik Ceramics offers kiln furniture in dry-pressed and cast versions:

U-cassettes and ribbed cassettes

Dry-pressed U-cassettes are featured by tight tolerances and a long service life. Compared with cast U-cassettes, they are less sensitive during mechanical handling. Perforated ribbed U-cassettes have a considerably lower weight. This saves energy, as the mass to be heated up is far less.

H-cassettes and base frames

For firing high-quality roofing tiles, the H-cassette system offers decisive advantages:
For the passage through the kiln, the individual roofing tiles are placed in specially designed H-cassettes, which ensure homogeneous firing without sagging. In particular, the use of H-cassettes is required when firing enamelled and glazed roofing tiles, as this results in considerably less adhesion.
Base frames serve for the underfloor ventilation of the loaded kiln car. The stacked H-cassettes are supported by a single furniture item, which has the same thermal expansion coefficient to prevent additional stresses.
BURTON® H-cassette
Base frame with cassette and roofing tiles

Ridge tile and accessory cassettes

Due to their very complex geometries, ridge tiles and accessory cassettes are produced exclusively by means of the casting method.
BURTON® ridge tile cassette

Single-layer firing

Single-layer firing
Single-layer firing permits a lightweight and energy-saving kiln car design. Widely spaced supports result in less weight of the intermediate structure. Due to this design, the kiln car is reduced to a pure insulation carrier, which must exhibit adequate strength.
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