Our center for cast refractory components.

    Refratechnik Hungaria is our specialist for cast refractory products. These include cast H, L, and U-cassettes, insert parts, and panels for the roofing tile & fine ceramics industries.

    In 2007, the production area of 2160 m² was extended by 1000 m². Meanwhile, a second 20 m3 large hood kiln has been commissioned, which has doubled the capacity of cordierite production.

    Since 2012, and in addition to cordierite products, also the manufacture of SiC products has been implemented. Hereby, vibro-pressed pipe protection plates and vibro-cast special SiC products such as e.g. nozzles, bells, etc. are manufactured on-site.

    The production site has been expanded continuously, and now offers a total of 5520 m² production and storage space.

    In June 2022, the installation of a 119 kWh solar park was completed. When dimensioning the solar park, the average hourly power consumption was taken into account. With this investment, the site will be able to cover 15 % of its power requirements, plus saving some 50 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
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