Iron & steel applications

    Concepts for steel casting ladles.

    In the course of time, steel casting ladles have evolved from pure transport vessels into a metallurgical reactor for modern steel production. Accordingly, the demands placed on the linings and the functional ceramics have also increased. Today, some steelmakers are using ladles that are mainly lined with high-grade fused magnesite bricks. AMC grades have proven to be best for the impact areas. Overall concepts are essential when optimizing the performance and cost of casting ladles, and are developed in close cooperation with our customers. We provide optimized solutions, from stainless steel production to special steels and up to integrated metallurgical plants.

    All the functional ceramics associated with steel casting ladles, such as purging and nozzle systems, are produced with top quality in our Dülmen plant.
    Wall and bottom
    REFRAFLEX®-bonded MACARBON® bricks with the addition of low-carbon magnesia or fused magnesia.

    Slag zone
    REFRAFLEX®-bonded MACARBON® fused magnesia bricks with increased carbon content.

    Impact area
    Lining with REFRAFLEX®-bonded MACARBON® fused magnesia bricks with antioxidants and/or steel fiber reinforcement, high-alumina carbon bricks (ALUCARBON®).

    Permanent lining
    Lining in calcined bauxite quality.
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