Stoneware systems & products


    Border bricks
    They protect the car's internal insulation in the edge regions, and transfer part of the introduced loads into the levelling course and also into the car chassis.

    Insulating structure
    The insulating structure is adapted to the existing operating conditions. Hereby, the insulating material as well as number and thickness of the layers vary.
    Every new kiln car is designed using individual stationary and non-stationary heat transfer calculations.

    Hollow support with cover
    Our hollow supports exhibit high mechanical strength and serve mainly to transfer the introduced loads into the levelling course and also into the car chassis. The covers protect the hollow supports beneath them from mechanical damage, e.g. abrasion.
    Shaped slabs
    The shaped slabs of a kiln car protect car's internal insulation from below, and support the load of the goods to be fired.
    Like the draught hole blocks and the viaduct bricks, they are usually designed to withstand high mechanical loads and large temperature changes.

    Supports and perforated slabs
    In kilns fitted with side burners, supports are used in combination with setting or perforated slabs to permit the kiln charge to be fired from below. Hereby, solid supports as well as versions with a hole are used.
    For this application, good refractoriness as well as reliable thermal shock resistance are required.
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