Our sales & service center for the Indian steel industry.

Refratechnik (India) Private Limited
Second floor, South Wing, ATR Towers, Door no: 7-8-10 Harbour Park Road
530003 Visakhapatnam

Phone: +91 891 27444 68
Fax: +91 891 27444 67
India takes second place in global steel production, close behind China and Japan, making it a key market for high-quality refractory products.

Refratechnik (India) Private Limited in Vizakhapatnam – previously our Liaison Office in India – was founded in 2017 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Refratechnik Steel GmbH.

Sales engineers, application experts, and service technicians work together in our premises on India's east coast, and are also responsible for our customers in all of South East Asia.
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