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    Baymag Inc.

    Baymag and ZS2 Technologies form strategic partnership to accelerate commercialization of leading-edge sustainable construction materials

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    Baymag and ZS2 Technologies form strategic partnership to accelerate commercialization of leading-edge sustainable construction materials

    Partnership to focus on made-in-Canada solutions for lowering carbon footprints and reducing environmental impacts of raw material supply and the building industry

    September 15, 2021 – Calgary, AB –
    Baymag Inc., North America’s leading producer of Magnesium Oxide, and ZS2 Technologies Ltd., a rapidly growing Alberta based developer of innovative building technologies, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to accelerate the development of high- performance construction material technologies which are safer, healthier and sustainable.

    Through this partnership, both companies will reduce environmental impacts at the Baymag mine and in their respective operations. This partnership includes raw material supply, joint research and development activities, and market initiatives for new products in the building materials industry.

    “We are extremely excited to partner with, and accelerate the efforts of ZS2 Technologies, who are bringing world class sustainable products to the construction industry and providing Baymag with an opportunity to reduce our own environmental impact. For over 40 years Baymag has been working with a diverse group of industry leading clients to deliver the world’s purest magnesium oxide for various industrial applications.” Dr. Franz Spachtholz, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO of Baymag said. “The development of low carbon, high-performance building technologies represents a tremendous opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of the global building industry along with the potential to generate significant economic benefits for Alberta and Canada.”

    Baymag is Canada’s sole producer of magnesium oxide with state-of-the art processing facilities in Exshaw, Alberta, mine site near Radium, B.C. and corporate head office in Calgary, Alberta. This strategic partnership coincides with the recently completed multi-million dollar expansion of Baymag’s world class processing facility and strategic investment in the Alberta economy. Proposed R&D projects from this partnership will include the capture and utilization of CO2 at Baymag’s Exshaw operations and optimization of the waste to ore ratio at Baymag’s Mount Brussilof mine.
    “The support and confidence Dr. Spachtholz and his team at Baymag have shown ZS2 Technologies is overwhelming,” Scott Jenkins, CEO of ZS2 Technologies, said. “Their commitment to developing and expanding new market opportunities for the innovative technologies ZS2 has commercialized and has under development will allow us to accelerate our goal to bring sustainable, safer, resilient prefabricated construction technologies to the world. We are only getting started and we are extremely excited to be working with the Baymag team.”

    ZS2 is a leading-edge technology company focused on the development and commercialization of sustainable construction materials which are safer, stronger, and healthier for residential, commercial and institutional clients. ZS2’s proprietary TechPanels™, TechBoard™, TechClad™ and TechSpray™ are based on low carbon proprietary magnesium cement formulations. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, ZS2 is a leading player in the growing low carbon technology economy in Western Canada.

    The new partnership includes joint research and development activities, marketing initiatives, raw material supply and other mutual strategic support to rapidly increase the adoption of sustainable high-performance building materials throughout North America. The proposed R&D initiatives will build on the significant work of ZS2 to date to capture and utilize CO2 at Baymag’s Exshaw operations and optimize the waste to ore ratio at Baymag’s Mount Brussilof mine (Radium, B.C.).

    “New innovations like the one ZS2 and Baymag have developed show the leading role Alberta is taking in the global construction industry” stated Doug Scwheitzer, Alberta Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation. “By developing new materials and reducing environmental impact, the future of building is being created right here in our province.”

    About Baymag Inc.
    Baymag Inc. is Canada’s sole producer of magnesium oxide with Baymag’s corporate office located in Calgary, Alberta. Baymag’s Canadian operations are based on one of the purest magnesium carbonate deposits in the world located near Radium, B.C. and utilizing state-of-the-art processing and research facilities at Baymag’s plant site in Exshaw, Alberta. Sectors which rely on Baymag’s products include pulp & paper, oil & gas, animal feed, building products, and various environmental markets including flue gas desulphurization, and industrial and municipal water treatment applications throughout North America and worldwide. Baymag is a member of the Refratechnik Group of Companies, a worldwide leader in refractory technologies for high-temperature industrial processes with locations around the world and based in Munich, Germany.


    About ZS2 Technologies Ltd.
    ZS2 Technologies Ltd. develops and manufactures proprietary advanced building technologies including proprietary fire-rated, non-toxic, low-carbon cementitious building materials and prefabricated structural panels. ZS2 markets and delivers high performance building solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare and assisted living industry verticals in Canada and the United States both directly and through a growing network of TechPartners (distribution partners).

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