The PLUS Concept – Hydration protection of basic bricks

The magnesia-based bricks for lining rotary and shaft kilns are subject to the risk of reacting with air humidity during storage. As a result, the availability and expected performance of the refractory products are jeopardised.

Refratechnik has now developed a pioneering solution: Das PLUS Konzept
+ ensured availability of unaltered material on site, even up to 24 months after dispatch
+ risk reduction for procurement and operations
+ balancing refractory expenditures in a volatile market situation
+ reduced reject and disposal costs
+ optimised supply chain (minimum safety stock/maximum just-in-time delivery)
+ suitability for turnkey or modification projects with varying installation schedules
+ reduced carbon footprint due to less refractory material required and smaller disposal volume
Development of the elastic modulus of unprotected basic and PLUS-treated basic bricks over an extended period of time under extreme climatic conditions
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